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Spanish and Non English Speaking Voters-

Early and Often or Too Little, Too Late?

How do you engage with voters in Spanish and other langugaes? 

  • Interpreting, Voice-overs
    Need a live Spanish language link for your constituents to hear your candidate's English speech live in Spanish, Mandarin or any other major language?  How about a Spanish voiceover track for that campaign video? We've got you covered. Need your candidate's town hall Q and A interpreted simultaneously into Spanish and English?  We've got you covered.  Remote simultaneous interpreting at our level requires interpreters and technicians with decades of specialized experience in the magic of making others multilingual at the push of a button.  We are the only provider in the industry with a full roster of technicians and interpreters specializing in RSI for political campaigns.

  • Speech Writing and Consulting
    We integrate with your campaign team to reach non English-speaking communities with respect, and know the communities we work with.

  • Cultural Consulting Services
    Connect early and often with your constituents.  Let us use our cultural and linguistic specialization to guide your campaign team in forming strong and long-lasting bonds with voters.

  • Our Values
    While some work for money alone, we here at Techlex only work to help campaigns backing respect for equal rights and justice for the environment, for all genders, and for all identities and economic realities.  That's why we don't accept all offers, and that's why if we decide to work with you, we're truly on the same team.  

Political Campaign Work: Services
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